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But the Internet is almost never slow in movies and TV. Katie's messages to Thomas appeared long before any real person could have actually typed that much.

Weird Japan is an odd display of the weirdest porn Japan has to offer.

He does a good job, and in some scenes he really exceeds expectations.

One night the friends tell Thomas that they also play online and invite him to join them.

Properly lubricating your reel with Quantum Hot Sauce Reel Grease will add years of use to moving parts and extra yards of casting distance.

The gears of modern reels require the right grease in the right location to function smoothly andto keep them from grinding themselves into metalflake.

The hydrophobic formulation pushes water away from gears and drags, preventing corrosion.

The bright red color lets you know Hot Sauce grease is where it belongs and is doing the job you intended.

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